The Ides Greens of March! Sinful Colors Professional!

Today's Green polish is: Innocent.

Beware this green!

Innocent | A  bright, in your face parrot green. Heck- neon green polish might be an accurate description. Easy formula, fluorescent color. 1-2 coats. Warning: THIS. DOES. STAIN! Opt for doubling your base coat!

natural lighting -- in doors! 

Verdict: This polish will definitely demand attention from all who see it! I am not keen on bright polishes as they tend to darken and slightly age my hands. Though, in a risky mood, one may  make an exception for this polish. at .99$ if you're tempted, go ahead :P

March has arrived, and I bring to you the greens of my polish collection! I am not a big fan of green polish but the few that I've scooped up are diverse and cover a nice scale of dark to light! Keep an eye out on the green tag, more polishes coming your way shortly.

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03 March 2013 @ 8:00 AM / 1 comments

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