butter LONDON SUMMER 2013 bespoke collection

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butter LONDON teased on the runways with soft metallics and now they have finally released their summer 2013 collection! The title is "bespoke."

  • Sunbaker: rust orange shimmer
  • Champers: rose gold shimmer
  • Poole: robin's egg blue creme
  • Bobby Dazzler: opaque silver chrome
  • Marbs: yellow-gold named for the city Marbella in the Mediterranean
  • Bit Faker: tan glitter, inspired from the tan one can get from a can (o.O)

I actually am really looking forward to "Champers," "Bobby Dazzler," and perhaps "Marbs." Poole feels a bit too similar to "Fiver" and O.P.I "Can't Find My Czechbook" but only swatches will tell.  I'm a bit curious as to if Bit Faker has noticeable green glitters (like "Scuppered" ) or not. If it doesn't I may have to pick it up as well.

Most summer collections feature bold bright cremes. A classic red, orange-red, or a nice gold are somewhat expected. I am excited to see how soft these metallics are --I was hooked from the Instagram photos!

Looking forward to this collection? Yay/Nay?

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04 April 2013 @ 10:01 AM / 1 comments

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