First time! My Gel Nails Experience

Gel nails!

Hello everyone! I've arrived safely from my Carribean trip. It went wonderfully! As a treat for planning, and being responsible for the trip I got a gel nails manicure.

I have NEVER gotten acrylics or any type of fake nails. This was my very first time trying an artificial method of lengthening my nails.

The Process:
1. Buffing, cleaning, prepping the nails.
2. Applying fake tips.
3. Applying the gel to the nails, smoothing into an even layer.
4. Nail goes under the UV light until you feel a tingle.
5. Nail gets removed, turn your hand upside down, let the heat "cook."
6. Nail goes back under light for a count of 15. 
One nail finished, on to the next!

My manicurist used very thin aritifcial nails for the tips and shaped them to my desire. I opted for pointy nails since my regular nails are squared. After the nail tips were shaped, onto placement of the gel. Using a small flat brush she took a goop of glue-like texture placed it on my nail, smoothed and evened the surface.

Next she busted out the UV light, this was used to cure (harden) the gel. I was very very surprised at how much the curing process hurt! You place your finger (or fingers, 2-4 at a time) under the light for ten seconds. Once you feel a tingle you take out your finger and place it upside down. There is this burning sensation as the gel cooks and cools. I had to pull my nails out after 5 seconds, the cooking-cooling process was too much for me. I am no baby when it comes to pain. However, my nails were very sensitive. As mentioned previously, I have never gotten anything done to them. After the initial curing and cooling, she had me place my nails in the light for a solid 30 seconds (it only burns once.)

When the gel was hard enough, she painted my nails. As this wouldn't stain my own nails, I took the opprotunity to use butter London "Blagger" and Sephora by O.P.I "I'm So Sari." The results were very pretty! (take in your own polishes if they don't have the colors you like)


Please click to enlarge all photos! 

I'm happy to report that the strength in these nails was great! They did not tear, chip, or break despite the intensity they faced (packing luggage, lifting luggage, messiness that comes with wedding preparation.)


I did see nail-wear on the fifth day, four tips had chipping polish off. It could be the polish or the fake nail tips. I'm not sure but either way not a good sign as others have claimed to go a month or two with no nail-wear.
Bottom Line: I do not see myself getting this done again. The UV light curing process is a total turn off.

My own nail growth isn't fast, but after two weeks the length of the artificial tips I had was a too long. I cut (with a toe nail cutter, not too much strength, the gel cut easily) my nails and filed them down. I'm planning on testing how long I can get away with this until I have no other option but to go IN and get the final gel removed. So far so good-- I have cut and painted them a fresh color!

Update: as of 05/11/2013 the last of the gel grew out. Overall this process took close to a month. It wasn't pretty. Buffing, and glitters polishes were used to hide the odd nail line. My own nails are in a very weak state.

Have you ever tried artificial or gel nails? Yay/Nay?

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