Glitter Gradient - Spring Edition!

Pollen, Gold, Oh My! 

Spring is fresh in the air, all allergy prone persons can attest to this! Thankfully, I am spared from the potent allergens this year. Though I couldn't help but be inspired by the often depicted yellow pollen irritants!

This is a pretty basic glitter gradient manicure. I've made a quick cartoon drawing to illustrate the steps I followed.

1. Apply your base coat.
2. Apply one coat of your gradient color at the nail base.
3. Apply a second coat of your gradient color at the base and pull up just slightly.
4. Apply a third coat of your gradient color going up to the center of your nail- do not deep the color at the center of you nail. You should have a gradient effect with 3 distinct intensity of colors.
5. * This is optional, you may add a glitter topcoat or any nail art design.*
6. Top coat & enjoy!

My base coat of choice essie | Da Bush.

This gradient effect can be achieved using any polish, for my specific look I used butter london | West End Wonderland as my gradient color. butter London glitter's are densely packed and build easily. Minimal effort required here :D

For Step 5 I used Revlon | Sequins to add a delicate shine effect. I thought the bigger glitters in this polish could better represent the structure of pollen, I think they look very similar. 


I like how the colds mesh with the light green color. Perfect spring nail look! I apologize for the slightly messy nails and not so clear photos. My camera and I are not on speaking terms and thus my posting has been delayed quiet a bit! 

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21 April 2013 @ 9:01 PM / 1 comments

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