Marching away, into April!


Zoya | Adina 

*** Midweek Manicure Feature ***
Revlon | Fashonista
Julep | Kate (dots)

*** Midweek Manicure Feature ***
butter London | Artful Dodger
O.P.I | Living Daylights

butter London | Yummy Mummy
Milani | Angel Pink (I regret this polish)
 essie | Shine of the Times

*** Midweek Manicure Feature ***
 China Glaze | First Mate
butter London | Henley Regatta

butter London | The Dark Knight

Zoya | Blaze
butter London | The Dark Knight

O.P.I | My Pointe Exactly
O.P.I | Which is Witch?

O.P.I| Can't Find My Czechbook
O.P.I | Pirouette My Whistle

O.P.I | You Callin' Me a Lyre?
O.P.I | Which is Witch?

*** Gel Nails ***
butter London | Blagger
Sephora by O.P.I | I'm So Sari

This Month:  11 , Last Month: 16. 

Keeping with the spirits of March I highlighted green polishes that I found fun and wearable. Hope these reviews were helpful. I would've dished out a creative nail art for St. Patricks day but the gradient polish was all I could come up with. Busy busy month of March! 

Currently I'm on the beach of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic~ Wishing you all a festive April, since to me, it is the b e s t month! 

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