Welcoming Spring, Mermaid Nails!

Spring is in the air. Tired of your regular nail art or manicure look? Got time to kill (or trying to procrastinate?) Try this look!

In my gel nails post I explained that I was able to cut and file down the overgrown tips, however I could not remedy the gel on my nail beds. In an effort to hide the awkward bump I stumbled onto the mermaid nails look and decided to give it a try!

I used Zoya Wednesday as my base. It's a great light green option without losing it's dusty tone. I really like how this polish leans a tad bluer than Bevin.

Next is simple, place a drop or two of polish onto a disposable surface, grab your bobby pin or dotting tool and --- dot dot dot dot away! Initially I tried to start at the tips and work my way down, but seeing my pools of polish dry up I became very impatient. I dotted randomly picking polishes as I pleased until all my nails were filled up.

You're free to choose any colors! The lot I used:

- Zoya: Kelly, Trixie, Sweet, Kennedy, Bevin, Wednesday, Robyn, 
- Julep: Kate, Lily, Sasha
- SCP: unlabeled purple glitter polish
- butter London: Marrow, West End Wonderland

I may have used too much... VERY important to have some opaque gold or silver glitter. Zoya Trixie is the PERFECT opaque chrome silver polish! This pops on its own and really holds its ground against all the mesh of color.

I may need to invest in an actual dotting tool--my bobby pin didn't make clear round edges. The look overall on my nails is very messy. Let's be honest, the color combinations lean slightly ugly…no? Hmm, the more I see it the more I'm liking it.

I don't think this was a very successful look but something fun and colorful. It is time consuming, so be warned- impatient hearts…Is this a look you will rock during spring? 

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05 April 2013 @ 10:41 PM / 1 comments

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