April's Away, hello May!

Zoya | Moxie

Mermaid Nails, see post here

Zoya | Kimber 

Zoya | Snow White
O.P.I | The Living Daylights

Essie | Power Clutch
Revlon | Lilac Pastelle
Sinful Colors | Queen of Beauty

butter London | Wallis

Zoya  | Kennedy
essie | Set in Stones

***Full how-to here***
essie | Da Bush
butter London | West End Wonderland
Revlon | Sequins 

Zoya | Lael
O.P.I | Witch is Which?

O.P.I | Can't Find My Czechbook
Nicole by O.P.I | S-kylie in the Rainbow

Rimmel | Black Satin
butter London | Snog
O.P.I | I Lily Love You

O.P.I | Golden Eye ( index and ring finger, dots on middle finger)
O.P.I | You Callin' Me a Lyre? (thumb and middle finger)
butter London | West End Wonderland (pinky & dots on thumb)

This month: 13, last month: 16. Once exams begin, they never seem to end. In the midst of projects, procrastination of school reading, and general laziness I've managed to come up a few new looks. I think I over-did the glitter...but I've already applied a May nail look with-glitter! 

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