Welcoming May with Sprinkles!

One of the latest trends for Spring is the sprinkled, stucco look. Primary leader in this trend is Deborah Lippman with her staccato collection. Being on a budget I opted for Hard Candy 's Sprinkle's collection I was swayed by reading the review by [{ warmfrenchonionsoup }] and decided to pick up only two colors (trust me, this was hard.)

sugar rush: this reminds me of cookies n cream ice cream. The combination lends itself to the jelly-esq finish nicely. The light silver glitter really does make this combination pop. I've always been a fan of mixing white and black, this is nicely done. This polish has a cloudy, milky white sheer base to it.

gummy green: this also reminds me of ice cream---MINT! Sadly, once swatted, the glitters here look EXACTLY like the glitters in 'sugar rush.' Do you remember my previous color comparison post about Mint&Chocolate ? How could I resist? This polish also has a minty, sheer base-in comparison to 'sugar rush' this base color was a lot less saturated.

sugar rush -- gummy green
1 coat, no base coat

About the polishes-densley packed! It was a nice surprise to find how easily spreadable the glitter is, the brush is in-between a regular polish brush and the tapered round brush found in Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes. As you can tell, from the photo above,the polishes are on the sheer side of opacity and I wanted to extend it's wear by finding a complimentary base coat. The contenders are as follows

For sugar rush : Zoya SnowWhite, Zoya Dove, SallyHansenXtereme Wear Cement, Avon Urban Grey

For gummy green : butter London Slapper, Zoya Wednesday, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Wet'n'Wild I Need a Re-freshmint

I know I know, these all look so similar! I've taken the shot below so the differences between each potential base can be seen:

My early favorites were Avon-Urban Grey and Essie Turquoise & Caicos. The following contain 1 coat of each base color, 1 coat of Hard Candy Sprinkles polish and top coat.

L-R: Avon-Urban Grey, Sally Hansen XtremeWear- Cement, Zoya-Dove, Zoya-Snowwhite
I love how dark this looks on SallyHansen, I also love how light it looks on Zoya!

L-R: Wet'n'Wild-I need a Refreshmint, Essie-Turqoise & Caicos, Zoya-Wednesday, butter London- Slapper
The milky green from gummy green really subdues each polish into a similar shade...

Verdict: I really like sugar rush with Sally Hansen XtremeWear Cement, and gummy green tones down all the polishes into a similar hue so I didn't find myself leaning toward any shade in particular. If I had to pick, I would choose Wet n Wild.  At $4 vs $18 (for the lippmann) I say go for this look!

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