MAC - Chenman Breezy Blue

Round Two!

Polish featured: Breezy Blue. 

Breezy Blue is a deep dark blue with purple undertones. The polish contains no shimmers or glitters, and is a true cream finish.

Formula: Not as smooth or creamy as "Oyster Shell," more sheer, and more balding.
Application: 3-4 coats delivers solid color. This polish has a lot more random bald spots, but more even self-leveling compared to "Oyster Shell." Being a darker color, streaks are not noticeable.
Wear time: standard, let this dry between coats! After top coat it resists scratches and accidental nail collisions well.
Dupe:  Judging from the bottles alone, none from my collection.

Contenders: Revlon "Fashionista," butter london "Blagger," China Glaze "Shower Together," "First Mate"

Verdict:  Though my collection does not house a midway-blue leaning purple polish, I can't say this has blown me away. It's a pretty color but nothing I'm overly estatic or in love with. My reaction may change over time but for now, not a "must-have." The almost-dupe, after application, is China Glaze "First Mate," though CG is a truer blue.

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28 June 2013 @ 6:00 AM / 1 comments

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