Oyster Shell = Urban Grey ?

MAC - Oyster Shell

Polish featured: Oyster Shell.

Oyster Shell is a sand tinted dove grey. The polish contains no shimmers or glitters, and is a true cream finish.

Formula: Smooth, slightly on the liquidy side. 
Application: 2 coats renders an opaque coverage. However, streaks and bald spats do happen. I had two problem nails and for those I applied additional 2 coats. The self-leveling of this polish is disappointing…a good top coat can fix this! But at MACs price point--should it?
Wear time: standard, be ware of bubbling. This polish does not resist accidental knocking-into well at all.
Dupe: Juding from the bottle color, the possible below:
Contenders: OPI "My Pointe Exactly," Zoya "Dove," Avon "Urban Grey"

From the bottle inspection Avon "Urban Grey" looks like an exact dupe. So a quick comparison, (OS first, then UG) below:

To the seasoned polish lover one can tell Urban Grey is a smidgen whiter, whereas MAC Oyster Shell holds more beige and brown tones. Urban Grey can make one's hands appear darker, creating a contrast which I am not fond of. (If the application process is make or break for you, Avon is on par with MAC. See my review of Urban Grey here.)

Verdict:  I love how this works with NC30 skin-tone. It brightens my hands and gives my nails a clean, chic finish. Count me a fan. Anyone lighter than NC30 might try the almost-dupe by Avon "Urban Grey." 

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