Stila "In The Light" Eye Palette Review

Stila "In The Light"

Yes- a non polish review.
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Stila "In The Light" palette caught my eye initially via a small sample flyer from Sephora.  After using 'Bubbly' & 'Kitten' I was convinced I needed this palette.  Since I've owned my palate for a while now, and have started using it on a daily basis --review!

What's included: 10 eye shadow shades. 1 mini-look book, and 1 full sized eye pencil in damsel (a standard matte chocolate brown, quality wise sub-par.) 

Bare- matte, ivory.
Kitten- shimmery, light white (Sephora lists this as nude pink)
Bliss- matte, nude
Bubbly- shimmer, champagne pale gold
Glided Gold- gold shimmer, bronze brown
Luster- gold shimmer, deep gray

Top Row: Bare, Kitten, Bliss.
Second Row: Bubbly, Glided Gold, Luster

Bliss has been circled, you can see in the second photo swatch how pink & close to my skin tone it is. Olive-toned skin tones may have the same trouble I did with Bliss.

Bare, Kitten, Bliss. --- Bubbly, Glided Gold, Luster.

Sunset- shimmer, copper
Sandstone- matte, neutral brown
Night Sky- silver shimmer, slate blue
Ebony- matte, black

sunset, sandstone, night sky, ebony

For those feeling Kitten & Bubbly look really close, side by side swatches: 

You see how much warmer and gold hued Bubbly is.

My lids: Oily, hooded, creased (My double-lid isn't as cleanly defined.)
How I use them: eye shadow primer, with a light hand I like to add the darker shades with a MAC 217, everything else with a sponge tip applicator,  misc Estee Lauder brush to clean up.
Creasing: I can get away with 4~5 hours of no-creasing.

Color reference: NC 30 Mac, Missha BB Cream 27.

The bad: Shades that did not offer great opacity were Bliss, Glided Gold. 

Bliss is very close to my eyelid color & hues within my skin tone. Despite packing, and piling on, this product barely renders on my lids. This limits how much use I can get out of the matte shade. One I was looking forward to using.

Glided Gold has a very slight gritty texture, and fallout. The gold shimmers are more adapt at getting everywhere. I couldn't easily build this color nor have this shade keep a bronze tint. I believe it's too close to my own skin-tone to make for an effective crease or blending shade.

The good: Smooth, creamy texture, no flaking or fall outs. Opacity on the shimmer shades and matte shade Bare are solid. Shimmering shades are easy to work with and blend well with one another. There is no fall out for Kitten & Champagne. 

Bare & Ebony are highly pigmented, be warned Ebony may entail raccoon eyes when one wishes to wash off the make up look. I suggest using a oil based eye make up remover as it breaks down the shade faster, leaving less of a mess behind.

Sandstone is very close to MAC Mulch but less dense. I prefer the texture on Sunset better, but MAC Mulch builds easily.

Verdict: The eyeshadows are smooth, easy to work with. The shimmering shades have very little to no fallout (compared to Urban Decay Ammo palette.) Some reason will prove there are comparable drug-store alternatives. The $39 price tag is pretty steep, I felt guilty purchasing it for a long while. But by using it consistently, I do feel it was worth the price. This was my first non-drugstore eye shadow palette purchase. With the exception of Bliss, I think it's a great option for a beginners palette. 

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