August Nail Looks

I'm still here.

Essie -- Midnight Cami

Zoya -- Arizona
Revlon Expressionist-- Golden Champagne Color

O.P.I -- Gargantuan Green Grape
(Yes, this looks more baby blue and mint)

Zoya -- Natty

butter London  -- Toff

butter London  -- Marrow

Essie -- Limited Addiction

 This month: 7, Last month: 7.  This month started and ended with an Essie polish. Midnight Cami has risen to be one of my favorite deep blue's. Initially I never really gravitated towards blue nail polishes but my, that has changed dramatically. "Limited Addiction" I got to increase the choices of reds my nail polish collection has. The polish reminds me of Revlon's limited edition red polish called "Ribbon." A color I'm forever, secretly, trying to find a dupe of. Why? Well there is a story behind I usually ramble on the blog?

A very big, THANK YOU, for reading. I admit, it's been a very slow posting month. But August itself passed by quickly. I've visited family in Ohio and Indiana. Been driven to Canada, and then DROVE to both Oregon and Washington. I've scratched two or three items off of my bucket list. AND I'm very much in the mood to spend, which renders danger for my wallet. I did finally get my hands on O.P.I Eurso Euro. Quick review: somewhat disappointed. I think MAC's "Breezy Blue" has me won. 

With the release of OPI SF and holiday/fall previews should one anticipate more blog positing?

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