Crystal Confetti Nails- black tie optional

Crystal Confetti Nails- black tie optional

Polish featured: black tie optional

black tie optional: a clear base mixed with small and large white hexagonal glitter, alongside black small round and black bar glitter. This polish is one of many in Hard candy's Crystal Confetti Nail Polish collection release. 

Formula: the clear base is thick, packed full of the different glitters.
Application: 1-2 coats, I prefer one coat as it's easier to work with. The bar glitter is the most difficult to place and maneuver. This polish self-levels a bit, but a nice top coat is a must. As this is a glitter polish, do try the peel off base coat trick. I anticipate a removal nightmare else wise.
Wear time: N/A
Dupe: The original is actually by Lynnderella "Connect the Dots."  dupe Sephora "Chaotic"

base: Sinful Colors Professionals "unicorn," and "boom boom."

Seeing as how dominant the black glitters were on the lighter bases, I wondered how this polish would fancy on top of a truly dark base. I was kinda disappointed to find that the black glitters simply disappear leaving the speckle of white to stand out on its own. Nothing too dreadful but…I'd want some wearability over darker shades.

base: Sinful Colors Professionals "black on black"

Verdict: even though this is at a $4 price point, I'm not sure on a verdict. I don't think it's a bad polish, I've been pinning over this mix of black and white glitters ever since I first ventured into Indie polishes. It is a hit on terms of delivering the desired polish combination, but I feel slightly unsure on what I'm supporting by purchasing this polish.

**Note:This is definitely a polish inspired from indie polish brands, as a nail blogger I don't know how to feel about bigger polish companies producing something that was unique to indie brands. I understand that it's hard to put claims to a certain polish mixture or texture and that, yes, by driving competition there is more options for consumers as well as ease of availability. But I wonder, does this allow credit to be given where credit is due? 

I know I first saw this combination from Lynnderella, and the indie polish community upheld not taking unique mixtures from one another and putting their own spins on it. I know it's just nail polish, I know one cannot control another's actions…but has credit been given where credit is do? 

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