MAC Woodwinked & Mulch

Top Two Eyeshadows of January! 

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Formula: Wookwinked is a warm antique gold with a velvet pearl finish , it looks a lot more subdued golden on my NC25-30 skintone.
Application: For Woodwinked I use the Estee Lauder "Contour Shadow Brush 30" in patting motion.
Wear time: With Lorac "Behind the Scenes" eye primer a full 8-10 hours! The kudos goes to the Lorac primer, using this with Urban Decay I can get roughly 6 hours before noticing a decrease in pigmentation & creasing. Mulch fades faster than Woodwinked.
Dupe: I haven't tested this out on my own but potential dupes for  Woodwinked come from Inglot or NYX.



Mulch is a red-brown with bronze pearl and a velvet finish, and looks light a very warm soft brown on my skin.
Application: Mulch I use a Mac 217 in a dotting & light windshield motion.
Wear time: See previous*
DupeMulch Stila "In the Light" palette has "Sandstone" which has very similar undertones, and an older Wet n Wild eyeshadow palatte has a warm brown shade with an uncanny resemblance.


indirect light

direct light

Verdict: Woodwinked is unique in that it changes on the individuals skin tone, for some its gold for some its closer to a rusty bronze gold. I like how one can change the look of this eyeshadow, it can be used as an everyday wear or played up as a night out eyeshadow. Mulch is some what "meh" for me, personally I didn't realize Sandstone was similar in color and texture. I'd skip Mulch as there are more affordable _ brown options around. 

For those wondering how Woodwinked and Mulch compare, as seen here Mulch (top) is much darker, has a red cast to it's brown shade. Woodwinked (bottom) in comparison appears to be slightly more silver toned.

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