JAN 2014 | Month Faves - Non Polish

This month my most reached for products were:

1. Bath & Body Works Wild Honeysuckle Body Cream
2. Nivea Kiss of Moisture
3. MAC Woodwinked 
4. MAC Mulch 
5. Real Technique's Crease Brush
6. Rimmel Black Satin

I'm not one to venture out and try new products, which means I don't rotate much of my weekly items either. In an effort to start using more of the products I already own (keyword: already) I've decided to jump on the monthly bandwagon that many youtuber's post. As you can tell I didn't use as many items but the items I used are well loved! Both MAC shadows have been reviewed here.

Wild Honeysuckle is a light delicate scent. I find it's not feint but not too subtle. The cream is hydrating and used consistently does improve skin texture. This is a non-greasy formula and is easy to work into the skin. On BBW online the key notes in this scent are: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Violet, Fresh Honeydew, and Cassis. I can definitely pick up hints of Honeydew. I like this smell, it's dynamic yet classic. 

Nivea Kiss of Moisture is a winter MUST have. This is one of the only lip balms I feel truly hydrates and provides a protective moisture shield. I can still feel the lip balm after an hour of application, it may not seep into your lips immediately but it doesn't leave them greasy! I don't mind the slightly slick feel, hydration wins.

Real Technique's Crease Brush is so soft! I don't actually use this as a crease brush, rather I constantly spot clean this brush to use as my final blending brush. I find it doesn't pick up color yet easily blends away any harsh edges. It's a tad too big for my eye socket to be used as a crease brush but as an all over blending brush it does the job well. Sadly this brush is not available for individual purchase. It comes in a "starter set" that includes: base eyeshadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush, and a brow brush for $18.

Rimmel Black Satin is my favorite black nail polish. There I said it. Heck I re-applied it at least six different times this month. See the full review here.

I only picked one polish for this month, if you're curious to see my other polish picks, check out my monthly nail looks post hereWhat were some of your non-polish monthly favorites?  

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